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Cinderella’s doors

ISBN: 9789874116857
Páginas: 32

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Cinderella is one of the most popular tales that describes the story of a bullied young lady whose life changes by magic as she marries a prince.

This book offers, at several points of the story, the possibility of opening doors to other universes.

Opening doors requires the reader to make decisions and face the challenges.

These challenges, Cinderella Will not be saved but will take ownership of her destiny.

This book talks about friendship diversity, inclusion, justice, and courage. It raises questions and allows questioning.

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Sobre el autor
Claudia A. Luciani (Rosario, 1963) lives in Rio Colorado, in the Province of Rio Negro, Argentina. She is Spanish Language and Literature teacher in IFDC, Rio Colorado. She

She carried out different specializations related to teaching: Visual Arts, Neuroeducation, Gender Policies, Discrimination and Human Rights and Management of Digital Tools in education.

She teaches at both high school and tertiary school.

During the covid-19 pandemic, she also broadcasts Spanish Language and Literature in Lessons on the radio (FM 95.1).


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